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Family Counseling

Benefits of Family Counseling

Changes in the family — even if they’re small — can have a significant effect on every member’s relationships. When this happens, a family may need to undergo family therapy to work out any challenges or crises that may arise. However, a vital part of success is the willingness of family members to participate. To help get everyone on board, here are a few benefits to consider. 

How Can Family Therapy Help You?

1. Enhance Communication

One of the goals of family therapy is to address issues through open communication. Most family members are often at a loss for how to speak calmly and honestly to each other, particularly if there’s already conflict or distance among them. Through group sessions, a counselor or therapist will help every family member find a way to express feelings without creating conflicts or issues. They’ll also teach vital listening skills to enhance communication.

2. Strengthen Ties

If rifts or significant shifts are left unaddressed, these issues may leave every family member disconnected from each other. With family therapy, parents and children can better understand each other’s point of view. The process allows them to adjust what they say accordingly and have a better, happier relationship with each other.

3. Resolve Issues

Improved communication among family members can lead to better, faster resolution of conflicts. Family therapy sessions offer a safe, neutral space where each member can express their thoughts, discuss ideas, and suggest solutions without being judged or argued. It’s an environment where families are encouraged to listen and think thoroughly before reacting.

4. Understand Roles & Dynamics

Trained counselors and therapists know that every family has different dynamics, and each member has a particular role in the group. Therapists will encourage families to respect these boundaries and understand situations through communication. Parenting skills can be taught through family therapy. Parents will learn how to appropriately provide respect to their children by giving them needed space for growth and individuality, while maintaining authority in the process. Similarly, children will realize their need to be independent without disrespecting the adults in their lives.


Attending family counseling can help parents, children, and siblings improve their relationships with each other. Let our caring counselors at Paula S Gordy, LISW guide you in your family therapy. As a premier mental health services provider in Iowa, our compassionate team has offered group therapy and adult counseling for more than 19 years, and has 5 locations to make care convenient. Learn more about their services online, or call  (641) 856-2688 to schedule a consultation today.